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Rocket League has been available on the Xbox One since this week. For many gamers, this means a first acquaintance with the car-ball physics of one of the best games of 2015. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to start. With these tips, we collectively collect after hundreds of hours, you can get started right away and months ahead.

The best Rocket League tips

First of all, a short disclaimer: These tips are also aimed at starting players, does not mean we predict everything. We do not explain how to send, why Rocket League is actually Rocket League hot or under which button puts the handbrake. You’re looking for yourself. Thanks! Nice shot!
Always make sure you have turbo

At all times. On the sides of the folder are turbo-canisters filling your turbo at one time. Handy, but do not forget the smaller turbos; Picking up small boosts is a little effort. Over the small boosts, as a defender, it is less dangerous than getting around to the canisters, given that you do not let go of the defense.

Tip: Play as a static keeper and want a full boost meter? Ride repeatedly about the small boost just before your goal. That’s less dangerous than diverging towards a canister, and the little boosts are already spawned after ten seconds.

Another tip: If you have to switch back quickly because the counter is used by the opponent, drive through the side, as long as that is not too far. Picking up the three turbo-canisters on the side often guarantees that you are faster at your own goal than the opponent. A little like Arjen Robben, who comes back from nothing to defend himself.


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The headroll

Master the headroll not only to shoot, but also to be faster at the ball. Every time a car sells for a headroll, the car gets a small speed boost. Also learn backward headrolls, so you can swallow faster if you’re back to your own goal. Once you’re a little skilled, you can even do it with the ball cam. Then you know you made it in Rocket League country.

Tip: The team-mate who diagonally spawn must always be on the ball because he or she can be at the ball fastest. If you want to be at the end of the game at the end of the game than opponents, put a headroll next to a boost. But be aware, sometimes it’s better not to hit the ball first and block the ball so that you can hit the counter. But well, that takes some practice, besides the hassle.
Keep sideways and stay on the line

It’s always nice to be the lock on the door. There are some tricks that make life of a goalkeeper in Rocket League a lot easier. For example, turn the side of the car to the playing field if you are on goal. If you’re on the goal line with a nose and a trunk, you can scroll forward and backward or drive both sides of the goal. If you keep your nose in the direction of keeping the playing field, you can only drive backwards or forwards and (slightly less convenient) rolls to the sides.

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